Finance Team

The Finance Team handles everything to do with accounting, and managing the assets of the Tiki Software Community Association (Ex.: domain names)

Works in close collaboration with the Fundraising Team.

  • Fundraising: raising money
  • Finance/Administration: making sure money is well managed


Tasks (do and cross out)

  • Re-imburse Marc for 2012-10-25 purchase of SSL and domain names C$396.22
    • Remove Marc as the paying contact for this (pay directly with Tiki.org account)
  • Re-imburse Marc for 2013-05-16 purchase of Easy Dns technologies C$41.95
    • Remove Marc as the paying contact for this (pay directly with Tiki.org account)
  • Transfer tikiwiki.org to the Association, and change easydns payment

Ongoing responsibilities

  • Annual reporting to community (Nelson)
  • Pay yearly incorporation fees and fill out paperwork (Nelson)
  • Oversee expenditures
  • PayPal account management (Marc)
  • Bank account management (Nelson) Account closed
  • Manage the assets of the association

Release responsibilities

None identified at the moment


  • Use Tiki Accounting for Dogfood use for the Tiki Software Community Association, and get Jörn Ott involved

Chart of accounts

  • Assets
    • PayPal
  • Expenses
    • Hosting
    • General
  • Revenue
    • Affiliates
    • Donations
    • Sponsorships
  • etc.


Team Finance

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