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Image Tiki is designed, built and maintained by a very open community. Therefore, we openly welcome your input.

We are looking forward to explore where Tiki will be in 5 years time. We invite you to help us understand the priorities and goals you have for Tiki, so we can plan to work together to achieve them.

This is about looking into the future but if you have some immediate specific issues please add them to the bug tracking system.

You are welcome to stay anonymous and we will respect your privacy! But if you do provide your email, alongside your comments, we promise to send you a summary of all the results collected.

There are lots of ways to help and lots to do! Thanks for your time in filling in this form it will really help!

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"Five years from now" Questionnaire
Character Count: Max: 2000
Character Count: Max: 2000
Character Count: Max: 2000
Character Count: Max: 2000
Character Count: Max: 2000

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