I'm in the mood to make some new modules, so what do you want?? Please put your ideas below.

-- Colorado


July 22, 2005
I'd like a method for users to submit events to the calendar that would then be approved by the ADMIN before being included. Similar to the ADD A DIRECTORY SITE or SUBMIT ARTICLE procedures

Um, what about something that allows time-tracking? for different projects? Or is this already covered in the project management addons?


What about reconstructing search modules?
I added a record at dev tracker for that. http://dev.tiki.org//tiki-view_tracker_item.php?trackerId=5&itemId=318


  • I'd also like to see the SEARCH module take into account base TIKI pages. For example, if you use tw.o's site search to search for FAQ, the tiki-list_faqs.php page doesn't even appear in the list of results, even though the title of the page is "Avaialable FAQs"

11 DEC 2005
How about a Flickr badge? Right now the code does not work in modules... (breaks all kind of Smarty processing)


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