T Shirt Design 2 Reduced


Confirmed October 8 (Sunday), and 9 (Monday) and 10 (Tuesday), 2017

On October 11th (Wednesday), some will still be around to work on Tiki, and some will take a day off (tourism)


TikiFest schedule to be determined.

Also, people may want to do some sightseeing within day-trip range or travel farther in Japan, before or after the Tiki event.


  • Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Tiki (October 8th 2017)
  • Branch Tiki 18.x LTS We will branch later, so we'll focus on cleaning up trunk
  • Design
  • File and directory structure revamp: we made progress
  • Strategic discussions about Tiki19-20-21 cycle
  • Think Long Term: Taking the Tiki Community to the level (by Marc)

Victor J M Jonny P1080946 Pat J M Marc Jonny JR Ticket Machines P1 Documenting the Parking Space Pat and J-M at Boso No Mura (P1080917) Pat J-M at Boso No Mura (P1080884) Pat and J-M at Boso No Mura (P1080859) Pat and J-M in Akihabara (P1090033) Jonny And Marc   P1080937 Marc Victor J M Jonny P1080955 Marc Jonny J M Pat Godzilla In Shinjuku Marc J M Shabushabu P1090020 Marc J M Tonkatsu P1080952 Koa And Jonny At The Pond P1080956 Jonny Victor J M P1080945 Jonny J M Victor Honey Marc P1080953 Jean Marc Boso No Mura P1080887 Jean Marc Samurai Museum P1080990 J M Akihabara IMG 4518 Honey   P1080941 Gary Jonny Marc J M Victor P1080951 J M Pat Boso No Mura P1080869 J M Pat Akihabara P1090030 J M Boso No Mura P1080872 Jean Marc Samurai Museum P1080985 Jean Marc Samurai Museum P1080984 Jean Marc Samurai Museum P1080983 Jean Marc Boso No Mura P1080916 IMG 3464 IMG 3462 T Shirt Design 2 Reduced


Gary's house will be the TikiHouse (in Yotsukaido, Chiba, Japan - about an hour outside of Tokyo, between Tokyo and Narita airport). We are moving house soon (to another place about a kilometer away), but the current house will be available for the TikiFest.


Everyone is more than welcome to stay at the TikiHouse. There will be room for all as long as sleeping (on futon) on the floor is ok. ;-)


  • Marc Laporte
  • Jonny Bradley
  • Gary (chibaguy)
  • Jean-Marc (Jyhem)
  • Victor (kroky)
  • You?

arrival departure comments
Marc Laporte 7th 12th
Jonny Bradley 7th 12th
Gary (chibaguy) - - lives there :-)
Jean-Marc (Jyhem) 30th 12th
Victor (kroky) 7th 10th


Probably we will be using http://live.tiki.org/ powered by http://bigbluebutton.org/ . Live streaming time won't be very convenient for many people, but the recordings will be available as usual.


  • Invite *.tiki.org uses with .jp email address or Japan as a country

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