Hi there !

I am luci aka luciash d' being and this is my personal user space on tiki.org.

What I Do for the Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware Project?
  • I started to contribute to Tiki in summer 2003 and since August 2005 (thank you gMane.org :-)) I am a member of the TAG, (which means I am one of the project Admins, yes)
  • I am providing help on our beloved IRC #tikiwiki channel
  • I'm mostly working on Tiki's UI enhancements, bug fixes and CSS/Smarty templates/PHP code cleaning
  • I've started translation of Tiki to Czech language and occasionally I'm still contributing to it and fixing it
  • Helping the Quality Team doing quality control and voting on backports for Tiki LTS version we don't do this anymore, sadly, due to lack of manpower
  • Working on Tiki graphics and themes

To Do List


Done List
  • I'm author and initiator of the Simple style, which was one of the first (if not the first) table-less based layout themes in Tiki
  • I'm author of the *lite CSS framework/method/solution used by all bundled Tiki themes since version 3 to version 12 (before Bootstrap)
  • I've introduced the Site Identity feature to Tiki, which expanded later to the Look & Feel Admin panels
  • And many more things (not so interesting to be listed here) ...

Projects based on or related to Tiki

I did several designs and/or theme integrations in Tiki, namely:

  • avan.tech (design integration in Bootstrap3 and BS4)
  • NTD Television Czech Bureau website for on-line news production (backend) and web publishing - www.ntdtv.cz (project has ended)
  • I created and maintained for several years (not anymore) the former KDE Wiki site which was built on Tiki back then
  • www.wuyi-kungfu.com
  • www.vysmech.com
  • www.dogfightboss.com (moved to wix.com)
  • www.veggiestime.cz
  • + several other commercial websites built on Tiki in Czech ...

Some Tips

Grep Tips

For XHTML validity there was once a need to convert all "&" occurences in the resulting code (URLs, etc.) to "&". I've searched for them using this crazy command (heavy regexp):

clear & grep -InER --color '\"[^ &%]+(&)[^ &\"(#)(amp;)(gt;)(lt;)(hellip;)(nbsp;)(o|a|Auml;)(\$_REQUEST)][^ \"]*\"' *

Release Manager Tips
  • Remember that tikirelease.sh needs to be provided with correct tag name for release number (e.g. 1.9.RC1)


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