The first version of AulaWiki was developed by eScire for María Virgen School, a Spanish Secondary School. AulaWiki 0.1 has been completely rewrited and now it offers a more general set of tools, that can be used not only for education centers.

AulaWiki 0.1 has been packed as a TikiMod ( , but the next versions can be distributed with Tiki 1.10, if the Tiki Community think it's good to do that.

There is a demo site to see some AulaWiki features at:
User: test/test

And a video tutorial is available at

AulaWiki 0.1 features:

  • Workspaces administration:
    • Roles administration: It allows you to define diferent kinds of users that can work in workspaces, and permissions that can be applied to the workspaces resources (wiki pages, blogs...).
    • Workspace types: This tool allows you to create the workspace types. Each workspace type is like a template, that must be used to create the future workspaces of the system. When you define the workspace type, you can select the user roles of that type, and the resources that will be created automatically in the workspace creation of that type.
    • Workspaces administration: Create new workspaces of the existing types and delete or modify the existing workspaces.
  • Worksapce desktop: The workspace desktop is the main page of a worksapce. There, you can see a set of modules that show diferent kind of worksapce information (users loged on the workspace, child workspaces, wiki pages...). Some new Tiki modules has been created with AulaWiki, to show workspace information.
  • Resources administration: That tool shows the current resources of a workspace (wiki pages, blogs, file galeries...) and allow you to create new resources, modify existing resources, or change the permissions.
  • Users/Groups administration: It's a specific tool to admin the workspaces users and groups in an easy way.
  • User Portfolio: It's a predefined type of workspace that is created to be used as a personal "portfolio" of each user of the system. A link in the "user preferences" page allow you to access the user portfolio, that is created automatically the first time a user try to access it.
  • AulaWiki CSS and templates: Styles for the new functionality based on tikineat.css.
  • My workspaces module: Module that shows the list of workspaces the user are included in.
  • Clipboard: A tool for copy/paste resources in categories.
  • Assignments: Some tools to define and show assignments for the worksapce users.
  • Gradebook: A simple gradebook for the workspace assignments.
  • View Structure: Show all the content of a structure in a page.

0.2 features:

  • Some bugs fixed
  • Tutorial

0.3 features:

  • Conceptual maps: Relations between Tiki resources.
  • OOo Gradebook: Gradebook information export/import to OOo.
  • TikiDav integration: Show the user workspaces throw WebDav.
  • Workspace user registration: User access request to existing workspaces and administration of requests.