Tiki 1.9.8 -sirius- released

Author: Oliver Hertel - Published

Finally we released TikiWiki 1.9.8 with more than 1000 CVS commits (code changes).

The release contains security fixes, so update from previous versions is strongly recommended.

You can download the files here: Sourceforge.

Tiki 1.9.7 released

Author: Release voice - Published

This is a release for enhancing security level, especially against XSS attacks. Also some small fixes are included.

Changes: See ReleaseProcess197 for details.

Tikiwiki 1.9.6 released

Author: Mose - Published

This release fixes several security issues as well as current bunch of bugfixes and usability improvements. Do not wait to be sorry, upgrade your tikiwiki now or kiddies can catch ya.

Check out ReleaseProcess196 for more information.

Tikiwiki 1.9.5 is released !

Author: Oliver Hertel - Published

This release fixes the current exploits and brings many bugfixes and improvements.

A list of changes you can find here.

You should upgrade soon to protect your tiki installation against the current attacks.

TikiWiki 1.9.3(.1) released

Author: Release Voice - Published

Here it is, the new Release 1.9.3 of TikiWiki. It contains fixes for some security issues, improvements of PHP5 and mySQL5 compatibility, many bugfixes, enhancements and new features as well.

If you are running a TikiWiki version 1.9.2 or older you should upgrade soon.

NOTE: We have raised the version number to right now. See full article for details.

You can download it at SourceForge: TikiWiki

See the (not yet) complete changelog at ReleaseProcess193.

Update from TikiWiki 1.8.x or 1.9.x: UpgradeTo193

TikiWiki 1.9.2 released

Author: Release Voice - Published

After the longest day of the year (daylight-saving time), the TikiWiki community released version 1.9.2 right in time for halloween.
This compatibility release for PHP5 and MySQL 4.1 includes lots of valuable bug-fixes.

Tiki 1.9.1 and 1.8.6 released!

Author: Release Voice - Published

After long hours of intensive fixing/testing/fixing, two new versions of TikiWiki are now available on Sourceforge: version 1.8.6 for the 1.8 -Polaris- branch, and 1.9.1 for the 1.9 -Sirius- branch.

These 2 releases include fixes for recent major security flaws (some disclosed, some not yet). The 2 recent XMLRPC flaws have been corrected. (http://phpxmlrpc.sourceforge.net/)

So, consider upgrading as a REALLY IMPORTANT initiative if you don't want any security surprise (even if some flaws only concern some optional features).

Tiki 1.9.0 -Sirius- released

Author: Release voice - Published

Tiki 1.9.0 -Sirius- introduces over 400 (honest!) new features & enhancements, options, modifications & bugfixes. Tiki 1.9 was started in CVS at the end of 2003 and the formal release cycle (and use on tikiwiki.org) started in June 2004.

Thank you to the unprecedented number of people who helped. Over 400 commits in the last 7 days!!

Major new features include: Enhanced wiki diff engine, Site identity, Multilingual content handling, Enhanced trackers (custom forms), TikiMods, TikiSheet, Wiki3d, RSS feeds in MBOX & OPML format, Enhanced image galleries (sub-galleries, batch upload and a slide show), Friendship network, Score system, Enhanced articles types, Wiki page & tracker rating, Category permissions, Major calendar enhancements, More intuitve user & group management, new optional validation step for user registration, group subscription to a newsletter, Admin Screen for managing Meta Tags, nicer Error 404 page with seach prompt, 18 new modules (now at 92) & 25 new plugins (now at 55).

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