TikiFestArgentina & 1.9.0 on April 23-24th

Author: Release voice - Published

Hi everyone!

This upcoming week-end will be Tiki 1.9.0 week-end.

On Sunday 24th, we will release the best Tiki 1.9.0 we can. All available developers, testers & translators are invited to be online on IRC #tikiwiki all week-end. A dozen Tikiers will working from TikiFestArgentina, including Luis Argerich, Garland Foster & Eduardo Polidor (yes the 3 you see in the Copyright notice lol)

TikiWiki 1.9 DR4 now available!

Author: Release voice - Published

The latest development release of BRANCH-1-9, TikiWiki 1.9 DR4 is now available for download from your local sourceforge mirror.
Visit The SourceForge Project Page to download the latest snapshot. Remember this release is still developers code and not really intended for production sites without skills, and still is not final and stable.

TikiWiki 1.9rc3 released

Author: Mose - Published - (9554 Reads)

This new release candidate is the result of 2 months of debugging and enhancement, but it's still a developers release. Anybody using 1.9rc2 is invited to upgrade. see http://tikiwiki.org/changelog.txt for the recent changes and ReleaseProcess19 for the known bugs and status on that release. I hope the final is soon, but there will be at least a rc4. Thanks to everyone that worked on that rc3 cycle ! :-) mose

TikiWiki 1.8.4 re-packaged

Author: Damian Parker - Published

Due to a large number of reports of the 1.8.4.zip package being corrupt, tonight it was repackaged and uploaded again to SourceForge. Within the next couple of hours it should have populated around the mirror sites.

If anyone is having trouble with any of the other archives, please comment this article and I'll get them repackaged and sent up to our project page again.

TikiWiki 1.8.4 has been released!

Author: Terence - Published

TikiWiki 1.8.4 is out! The files can be found at the usual location on Sourceforge. Tiki admins are strongly urged to upgrade to this version due to a vulnerability in versions 1.8 through 1.8.3 that allows individual wiki page permissions to be bypassed. Several path disclosure vulnerabilities have also been removed in the smarty_tiki area. Read on for more information regarding other bugfixes and enhancements, or visit ReleaseProcess184.

TikiWiki 1.9 rc2 is out

Author: Damian - Published

The second release candidate of TikiWiki 1.9 is now out on SourceForge.

Please download and help us to eliminate showstopping bugs and make TikiWiki 1.9 one of the best Tiki's yet.

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