Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Split plugin bug with 1.9RC3 CVS

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It seams that the plug version 1.9RC3 is eating part of the datas.

Here, 2 row, 2 col and "123456" as data for each cell.

{ SPLIT(joincols=> n, fixedsize=> n, colsize=>200| 200)}123456-123456@@@123456-123456{SPLIT }

The result can be seen bellow;

123456 123456
123456 123456

Part of the data vanished


posts: 8357 Israel

Trick in the meantime add a "space" to each side of the ---

hope this help

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The correct place for bug reports is on the sourceforge project page. Bug reports in the forums will get lost and not get fixed.



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I fixed it in 1.9 RC3 CVS
So now the specs are . Exactly 3 characters "-". If you have 4 "-" or more, it will not be split.