Features / Usability

Features / Usability

Automatically highlighting last changes on a Wiki page?


Is there an easy way (or would this be a feature request) to highlight what has been changed on a page (just the last change, diff with version n-1) ?

I would suggest something like an inline diff, using highlighting (green: added; red: deleted)...

As a user preference, a user could turn this on/off. The goal would be to keep existing easy navigation, including the "history" tab, but adding "immediately visible recent history" value.

Any comment welcome

That would be nice for Educational use (checking what the students did to the final version, in an easy way, ...). Lovely If somebody codes it! :-)

Teedog and I wrote a better history page but it is in 1.10 - and at the speed the releases are going .... A patch can easily be done in 1.8s

The comparaison is side by side / unified, expanded/minimal

An example on

The same technique has been used for wiki page email notification

The point that has not been developped yet is to have the "inegrated buttom " in the wiki page directly - you have to clik one more time

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Once I have the base Tiki up and running I'm hoping to use it in a quality enviroment. Set up the way Francois suggests would really help to see the value of recent changes. Paul

One think can be dangerous to enlight in the view version. It is the interference between the page foramtting and the highlighting . If the text uses red part? if the change is a picture or a formatting?

Even in 1.10, it is only done on the source

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