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Linking to files in the File Gallery

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From wiki/html pages you can link to files in the File Gallery using the file "id".

Unfortunately every upload generates a new ID... so if you have links to a file.. lets say its an ))OpenOffice(( document, and you want to modify the document/re-upload it... all links now point to the "old" file.

Is there any way to upload in a "refresh" mode and somehow force the same ID - or create a link that doesn't require the file ID - ie. a file alias?



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Looks nice, Damian.

Do you know if there is any effort to offer webdav support for the files uploaded into file galleries in Tiki?


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I have actually added support for the very thing you are asking for. It lets you change (or edit) the file by uploading a replacement.

I've also added support for indexing the contents of uploaded files so when doing a search a match in the contents of the file will return a hit.

I'm trying to get all my ducks in a row so that I can get this stuff checked in.