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Does 'Search' work?

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I am sorry to ask so dumb question, but seems that search is not working at all.
I mean the Search box — it returns a page about some error in database query (I mean search on this site! see, for example:

In my own installation of tiki 1.9.3 — I have two variants of Search modules: search_box and search_new — the second one simply finds nothing, and the first one gives again an error in database query...

Does search works at all for anybody?

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I had a similar problem. I forget what the point of search_new is for. Anyway, use the search_box module. You probably need to clear the db cache to get the search working again.

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Hmm... Search on the tikiwiki.org started to work for me for some reason... Very strange, do not understand anything.

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For me I located the problem.

lib/searchlib.php is not working at all with postgresql-7.3.4 (It uses MATCH AGAINS — which is not supported in postgres, and then it does some wierd things assuming postgres SQL is case sensitive, while it is not, unless you enclose attributes in double quotes). I partially patched that myself (anybody interested?). Though it is worth looking at later CVS versions, maybe it is fixed there allready.