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Newbie requesting help

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Hello guys,

I am pretty new to TikiWiki and is in the learning process.

I don't know whether this is the right place to post this, but i couldn't find a better place for newbies.

I need help on the following issue:

I do get a question mark (?) at the end of some words. It is not a link, and is just part of the text. There is nothing in the code that indicate it as a link.

Could anyone please help me to solve this issue and remove the question mark at the end of the words where I do not intend to have a link. I am putting an example of what i'm facing here.

SecFilter uname
SecFilter gcc

I do not need a link here.



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Hi Neo

Format the block with:

))SecFilter(( uname
))SecFilter(( gcc

or even better use the PluginCode to display it correctly regardless of what characters and jumbo it contains.


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In some versions (at least some 1.8.n) of Tiki the


doesn't work, but you can use instead, besides de CODE plugin, the syntax


in case you need to dissallow wikiwords in your normal sentences or paragraphs.