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How to construct a basic tikkisite

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I will use tikki for a secondary school website. In want to organize the site with different sections : one for mathematics, one for english, one for history, etc...
but i need one section for one level too. In each section, i want a home-section-page with a presentation of the section, a list of the new articles of the section and a list of the dedicated forums and blogs...
Are the topics good for that (one topic for maths, one topic for one level) ? Or should I use anything else like categories ?

Thanks for your answer and maybe for an example.

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I think categories would be the best way to organize your pages and other items. Topics are limited to Articles. If you create a category for each of your subject areas, then all wiki pages within that category, as well as any forums, blogs, galleries, and so on will be easy to find, as they are listed on the Browse Categories page and also, optionally, on each page and other item within that category. If you think of your Tiki site as being comprised of vertical sections — wiki pages, news articles, forums, etc. — categories are like horizontal bands across those sections, connecting specific parts on whatever basis you decide categories should be, in your case, probably school subject areas.

Categorized can have categories within them, so you could have, perhaps, a "parent" category of Mathematics, and then have a sub-category for each grade level.

You might also find wiki structures useful, especially for a group of pages that are sequential, such as lessons or weeks of the year, etc. Wiki structures are something like a slide show, in terms of organization. Pages within a structure have "next" and "previous" links, and a link to the "top" page of the structure. This top page is rather bare when created by Tiki, but you can edit it to add descriptions for the page links, etc. Permissions can also be assigned for structures, which saves time compared to assigning permissions for the individual pages.

Of course, these structures also should be categorized appropriately. The "browse categories" page is, or can be, like a "site map" that enables an overview of the your site content.

Well, I'd say have a look at those ideas for starters. Please post again with any specific questions.

-- Gary

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If you do have a series of similar pages, like a weekly schedule, have a look at wiki templates. This is a feature you have to turn on, on the Admin/Wiki page, I imagine. You write a template once and then save it. Then on each edit-page, you will have the option to include that template. Clicking on it pastes the text you made into your new page, and then you can further edit it for the particular week, or whatever your template use is.

-- Gary

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Wani, wellcome :-)
(Thanks chibaguy for your long and detailed answer; I don't have to do it, then :-)

Please, add you details and case of use with tiki at:

(link your userpage, and also would be nice to read your case in which you use tiki for education, please)

Also, have a look at the work another tiki-mate is doing for 2ndary school (in Spanish):

He's developed somekind of projects for tiki 1.8.5, to hacdle common resources for subjects. Looks at his website:

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Thank you chibaguy for your really clear answer.
I understood more with your answer than in documentation pages :-)
Maybe you should write a short article about the tikki features because it's not so short an clear in the online doc.

For XavidP, I will describe my project and give the URL in the http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-index.php?page=LearningManagementSystemDev
, but it's too early now. Call me back if i forget to do it...

About the categories, two questions :
-can we attach one item to many categories or just one (an article about mathematics for a special level can be organize in the mathematics category AND in the level category)
- Can i assign specifics permissions to a category (a mathematic teacher can't write in history category, a 11yrs old pupill can just write in his grade category)

Anyway thank you much for the answers

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Thank you so much chibaguy for your very clear answer, maybe you should write an introduction to tikki features to help people like me to understand the basics of tiki...

xavidp, I will soon give you the URL of the site but it's too early now...

Anyway, I've still two questions about the categories :
-Can i assign specific permissions to each category ?
-Can I attach an item (article, blog,forum...) to many categories (an article about mathematics in a specific grade would be in math category and in the specified grade category) ?
-How to create a category-home-page with links to blogs, forums, and latest articles ?

Thank you very much to all of you.