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Architecture / Installation

Re: Every update ends with trashed website

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Salut Bertrand,

Thanks for trying to help.

I'm upgrading only one website on one domain.

I think diff are not so important and here an exemple.

On the fr language i made little cosmetics changes.(/xxxx/tikiwiki/lang/fr)

After the update i got several like this bellow;

"Envoyer à un groupe",

Result on the website is;
"Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_SL, expecting ')' in /home/httpd/vhosts/israelfr.com/httpdocs/tikiwiki/lang/fr/language.php on line xxx"

This is the easiest to see and deal with, but i fear about changes in others scripts where it is far harder to track them.

PS : Do you thinks that instead of trying to clean the code i should redo an update (removing the -q quiet option from cvs command) ?