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Can I create tracker forms using Wiki's? i.e. use a wiki to create a great looking form for data entry... once the data is submitted, it gets passed to the tracker system. or something like that..?

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Yes, you are looking for Plugin Tracker. This works nicely in 1.9, not sure about 1.8

Here is copy/paste from the plugin list help info (when you edit a page)

TRACKER Displays an input form for tracker submit:

{TRACKER(trackerId=>1,fields=>id1:id2:id3,action=>Name of submit button,showtitle=>y|n,showdesc=>y|n,showmandatory=>y|n,embedded=>y|n)}Notice{TRACKER}

TRACKERLIST Displays the output of a tracker content, fields are indicated with numeric ids.:


More info (in French):

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