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Features / Usability

Articles date shows as 1970!

All the articles that I submit over the last couple of days (after upgrading to 1.85) show publication date as 1970! However, if I edit every article/submission once more after saving, and then resave, the date becomes alright.

Please tell me how I can set the date to show properly, instead of some historical occurrence when Internet did not even exist!

Many thanks,

I did try the search before posting this problem - however there was one post related to the same problem in Trackers and also a fix for that in terms of replacing some of the files with files from 1.90 version. But I don't know which files to replace since the problem for me is with Articles.

Is this a bug?

Actually, using edit_article.php solves the problem. The problem lies only in using edit_submission.php.

There is also another problem in using edit_submission.php - all the Article types were not listed in the form, this again is solved by using edit_article.php

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