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Architecture / Installation

Re: Tikiwiki in offline

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> HI!
> My need is to have an "offline" replica of tikiwiki.
> I use (and I love!) tikiwiki as a portal and small knowledgebase.
> The need is to take a snapshot on my laptop of tikiwiki, modify the content offline (say for example when I'm on holiday) and send it back when I am online.
> I know there's an XMLRPC feature. Is anything that can use it ?
> Any suggestion is appreciated.
> Thank you!

Search for CommunicationsCenter documentation you have a installation on the host and another on your laptop and you can send data between the two, but its a real PIA

The read only mirror is easy as we do it already with tw.o and dupli.tikiwiki.org see http://tikiwiki.org/dupli/ for the script


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