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Auction & commerce feature

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I am looking for an auction feature. Does anybody know if it exists already. I am using tiki-wiki 1.9

If not, is there a place on this site, where one can "hire" other developers on a project-basis.

For a customer I am making a customizable online auction feature (sell & buy stuff, with custom fields for each specific category of goods).

I am also looking for a seperate e-commerce feature (shopping-cart with process and creditcard payment).

However I don't have a lot of available time, and my skills in PHP are not that good.

So I would appreciate if someone could tell me where to find the above feature. If a good solution is not available I will pay an agreed fixed price for each feature.


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So far I know, there is no auction commerce feature in tikwiki.
You can have a look at bitweaver.org that is a fork from tikiwiki that is developping a commerce feature.
You can find a list of developper on FindSupport

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And also you can visit and use the TikiMarketPlace (good luck!)