Is there a global like "tikiHOME"?

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I ask because I haven't seen a reference to this, but I've just spent the afternoon examining the RSSlib code which appeared to be "broken" on my installation.

My "tiki" directory is not at the "root" of my server, but is in the /tiki/ subdirectory. The RSS scripts call "generate_feed" to send data to the browser. But I find inside "generate_feed" that if there are no "changes" the the rss->link and rss->feedURL values are set to $url. This just does not seem right. I have set it as follows:

$rss->link = sprintf($read, "");
$rss->feedURL = sprintf($read, "");

where $read is set like this:

$read = $this->httpPrefix()."/tiki/".$itemurl;

This brings me to the point. The above is written as follows in the distribution:

$read = $this->httpPrefix()."/".$itemurl;

My install, as mentioned, is in /tiki/, hence my change. But it would be better to write this as:

$read = $this->httpPrefix()."$tikiHOME".$itemurl;

where $tikiHOME is a tiki global set to the directory installation of the tiki distro.

Is this already handled in some other way?


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This sounds related to the double // in some RSS output. Please look to your right to the Dev.tikiwiki.org module with incoming tracker links.

Also, I have had trouble with .htaccess and RSS feeds.


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