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Architecture / Installation


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First I installed TikiWiki 1.9.5 but my Web Hosting Company suspended my site because the site was using huge bandwidth (much more than the bandwidth allocated to this site)! I moved my site: http://www.abmgroup.biz/ to another hosting company's server but the result was same. So I requested the Technical Support Team to help me correct the fault but they failed.

Now after about one month I have downloaded and installed, the newest version of TikiWiki 1.9.7, on another hosting company's newly developed server! But next day the Server Administrator suspended my site: www.abmgroup.biz and reported as under:

" The site uses on average 6.5 cpu time yesterday which equates to 120% of cpu processors. If the site is using an MySQL database tgis could be leaving connections open. For 1 account to use cpu time of 6.5 is very high and is not suitable for a shared server.

There are no issues with the server this is a newly deployed server which is fully managed by our outsource support company and everything is monitored constantly this is why the site has become suspended. "

Friends, any of you can understand this problem and would you please help me to correct the site so that I can also take the benefit of featured rich, powerful TikiWiki.

Many thanks and warm regards

Kamaal Makrani


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What features are you using for your site?

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Thank you for your reply.

My site is hosted on a CPanel-based, Unix/Linux Server with:

- PHP version 4.4.4
- PERL version 5.8.7
- MySQL version 4.1.21-standard
- cPanel version 10.9.0-RELEASE-95

Once again I thank you very much for spending your precious time to see my problem

I wish you best of luck and best regards



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Hello Kamaal,

I guess what marclaporte asked for, are the features you enabled inside Tikiwiki, e.g. Picture Gallery, Chat, File Gallery ...

I don't know how much traffic (visit's) you get on your site, but I for one have a 3 € per month VServer (you know, one physical server runs multiple independent virtual servers) with no cpu or ram assertions, that means very low performance. The server handles 0.5 GByte Trafic (~1000 visits) without problems on peek days. The provider hasn't complained yet, so I guess the cpu load is not to high. My database is about 70 MByte large.

Maybe you can take my values as a reference point. If your site's traffic is much higher, you could try to find someone else with equal traffic and compare his or her system spec's and cpu load to yours.

If you have a VServer too, you can use "top" to watch the cpu load on your server.

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Hello Phatoni,

Though the site is complete and ready but I have not done any effort to promote it. Therefore, there is no traffic at all.

I am not a technical person but because I am using CPanel-based Web Hosting Services for the last many years so it is easy for me to understand how much resources any of my sites are using! Yes, my site: http://www.abmgroup.biz is using very large resources.

Today I am going to install TikiWiki once again on a different server with different domain - http://www.kamaal.info to see whether this new installation on another server is OK or it also gives me the same results. If there will be no change then I will forget about TikiWiki no matter how I like its features and functionality!

In any case, I must thank you very much for spending your precious time for me and wish you best of luck and best regards