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Architecture / Installation

Faq's suggestions... i miss something...

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I have setup faq's.

Registred user can suggest a new faq.
He can write down the question and the answer.

1/ The admin shouldn't get an email about new suggestion ?

2/ While reviewing the suggested faq the admin couldn't not edit it and then validate it for diplay for all ?

For now, under admin i can only see the question suggested and rewrite it from new...

Or i miss something or it is not very practical. confused

posts: 8354 Israel

He Yoni, look around Tiki before ask us help and then submit !

You miss something !mrgreen

Under admin,
Admin the Faq's : your faqs name

You'll find suggested question part (down the page) there approuve or remove the suggested faq.

Only after you will be able to edit it.

For the notifications email on new suggested question, i don't know but someome will surely answers ! razz