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Architecture / Installation

Tikiwiki really slow! Please Help

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I am starting a wiki (tikiwiki) that will contain 1000 pages of content text and images. I installed it on Powweb

I created a structure of 1000 pages i.e 1000 empty pages were created

It takes 15 secs to load the table of contents (structure) with NO traffic

Does anyone know/reccommend what sites/options I can use to get reasonable response time?

Are there any other options i.e. VPS, Wiki Farm etc

I'm not sure whether:

1.I should "live" with the slowness
2. Find a better web host
3. Get VPS? Will this help?
4. scrap tikiwiki

but I have 2 weeks to cancel my plan and go with someone else



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Do you need structures? 1000 pages without structures should be fine.

Yes, a VPS/better host should help.

Give 3.0 Beta a try because it may be faster. doc.tikiwiki.org has over 1000 pages and uses structures but it's on a good server.

Please report back :-)

M ;-)