Some suggestions for HTML and PDF output

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I've got on to loading full size articles into Wiki (multiple Wiki pages), based on structures, and I have several comments based on this experience, which I think could usefully be taken on board for future development.

  1. Support for meta-data. I would like to be able to attach meta-keywords, meta-content, and meta-description to any Wiki page or article such that these are picked up by the search engines.
  2. When you ask to generate PDF, you are presented with all the pages in the Wiki as options. However, there appears to be no distinction between pages in different structures. I would like to be able (at least as an option) to display structures instead of pages for PDF generation, and then to generate the PDF for an entire structure, or for certain pages within a structure.
  3. Nice to have: user screens for installing extra fonts (cyrillic in my case), as well as a drop-down list of fonts available when generating the PDF
  4. The "dump" feature is a great idea - but it just seems to dump out the pages without any links in them, leaving them completely unconnected. It would be really cool if you could dump pages with all the links included (from one bit of a structure to another in particular).

I'm still a bit of a newbie, so my apologies if I'm asking for stuff that's already there!

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These sound like sensible ideas.

Now, we just to find someone to code them!

Any takers?

M ;-)

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