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Need to include javascript in pages, Keep getting x appearing inside code

I'm trying to create pages with HTML and javascript embedded in them. I used the CODE(ishtml="1") tags but for some reason I keep getting this x character popping up in random places in my code. Has anyone else seen this? Anyone got a workaround? I've enabled the js plugin so I would have thought it was possible to include javascript in the pages.
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Tried it. Now I'm getting this when I save the page:

An error occured in a database query!

File tiki-index.php
Url tiki-index.php?page=HomePage
INSERT INTO tiki_plugin_security (fingerprint, status, added_by, last_objectType, last_objectId) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
0 html-8192ebb0f97d863289f18953eed9f36e-0df3f8fa6a273b5283894cce2d1e8455-270000-200000
1 pending
2 admin
3 wiki page
4 HomePage
Built query was probably:
INSERT INTO tiki_plugin_security (fingerprint, status, added_by, last_objectType, last_objectId) VALUES('html-8192ebb0f97d863289f18953eed9f36e-0df3f8fa6a273b5283894cce2d1e8455-270000-200000', 'pending', 'admin', 'wiki page', 'HomePage')


Normally the plugin can be used and there's no database error, which suggests a problem with your database or the files that area accessing it. Probably you should run the upgrade procedure at your tiki-install.php. If there's still an error, maybe the files are incomplete, so should be reinstalled. (I don't know how you installed Tiki, but when I do an installation with FTP, sometimes a file after transfer is empty (0 bytes), for example, so produces errors and has to be replaced.)

BTW, the CODE plugin is to display code, not to run it, if there's confusion about that. As far as I know, the HTML plugin should do the job, once it's working.

-- Gary

Use the JS plugin. It will allow you (most of the time) to insert javascript code, or to include an external *.js file.

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