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Explosion of bandwidth traffic consumption after upgrade to Tiki 3.3


In mid December 2009, I upgraded my site to TikiWiki 3.3, resulting in an explosion of bandwidth consumption, see attached chart.

What I tried doing afterwards:

  • Set "revisit-after: 60 days" in robots.txt
  • Delete an image gallery with about 20 high resolution images
  • Always update to the newest

Nothing has really helped to reduce the massive traffic waste. Any other ideas what I can do?

In February, traffic consumption was the following:

Viewed traffic: 858.46 MB
Not viewed traffic: 4.59 GB (!!!)

The overall traffic consumption by bots was the following:

  • 55.53% Yahoo! Slurp
  • 11.94% MJ12bot
  • 11.57% NHN bot
  • 2.45% Googlebot

Why are these four bots wasting my badwidth limit, and what can I do about it?

Please help!

My site is located here: http://list.vic-fontaine.com/
Test user and password: smarty


Catalan Countries

hi Jan
Not known for sure, but you can revise that your category perms are set properly for anonymous users after that upgrade. (just a guess)

And please, upgrade to latest 3.x or even better, to 4.x (latest stables by the time of this writing: 3.5 and 4.2)


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