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Error on this forum

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I'm getting this error when trying to post occasionally - the post is either a reply to an existing post or when editing an existing post of my own.

ErrorNotice: this variable may not be empty: $_POST%22thread_sort_mode%22

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There have been intermittent problems with forums at this site, for some reason. The bugs have been squashed as they've been found but apparently not all are found so your patience is appreciated.

-- Gary

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I have the same error but on my site. I am running 5.3. and recently updated the tiki.

If I login as a regular user and I reply to a message that's NOT the initial post, then when I try to post my message, I get the same error.

If I login as admin, I don't get the error.

Any ideas what causes this?



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One of my user also reported this error yesterday.

He said that he was trying to edit a post just created by himself...


Tiki 5.3