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Architecture / Installation

Installing Collaborative Community 4x Profile

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Brand-new user of Tiki here. I've looked through the forums to find an answer to this question (and its corollary), but have thus far been unsuccessful.

I completed the installation of the software fine, but when I get to the "Get Started Using Profiles", I come across a stumbling block. When I click the "Collaborative Community 4X" profile link, there's a bit of a wait, but ultimately nothing happens.

I get no "Apply Now" or "Install" box or anything.

At first I thought it was a problem with Java and/or Firefox blocking the script, but I disabled all the blocking, etc, and still got the issue.

When I tried it with IE, I got a Javascript error:

Line: 514
Char: 5
Error: Expected ')'
Code: 0
{URL here}

During my search about this, I discovered a thread which pointed me here, which has the extraordinarily useful advice of "Apply profiles manually By copy/pasting into the advanced tab"

For someone with little/no experience with Tiki/Wiki, this was not particularly helpful. Still, I looked at the Admin/Profiles/Advanced tab and was left scratching my head as to what to put where. I found the various code sections for the profile, but it was supremely unclear where I copied and pasted these TO: The data Channels text box? If so, what part of the code? Or do I put it into the Profile Tester for some reason?

This is all very confusing, especially when all I really want to do is write the content and not mess with the admin stuff (though I couldn't find anyone else to do it).


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Can you duplicate this error on a demo site?

M ;-)