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Can Admin Get to Users' Personal Info Trackers?

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Hello Tikists,

We have a situation, probably it's our settings but we can't figure it out. What we need is for an admin to be able to click on a user's name, in a forum or wherever it appears linked, and get to the user's personal info tracker. We have a tracker for that and it's where we keep info such as if they're paid memebers, have they bought a support package, whatever.

Now, when we click on a username we get the User Info page and that's fine, we get the basic info.
But when we click more info we see nothing, but some info pops up when you mouse over the username.
Clicking the username just loads the basic info page again.

So, we click the Change User Prefs wrench

And go to the Preferences page for that user. All well and good, but we can't get to the user's personal tracker from there, as clicking the link takes us to the viewing ADMIN user's tracker, not that of the user we are interested in.

SO what setting do we use to make that link go to the user's page in the personal tracker and not the viewing admin's?


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Sounds like you need to:
1) Go to Admin Home -> Community -> General Settings (tab)
2) Check "Show user's contribution on the user information page"
3) Add the user tracker ID and field IDs (separated by commas) in the input box labelled "Display UserTracker information on the user information page:"

For instance, if the user tracker ID is 1 and you want the user information tab to show fields 1, 2, 3 and 4, you would enter: 1,1,2,3,4

This one stumped me for a while too. Hope that helps!

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Ok, well when I set "Show user's contribution" it does add the Contribution tab to the info page. However that's not what we want as that just lists all the pages they made, forum posts etc (and is an insanely long list for active users).

We do have "Display UserTracker information on the user information page:" set with our tracker and the fields, in our case:


The info does not show up on the additional info tab, and again, clicking the link to the personal information tracker in the User Preferences page takes on to the viewer's tracker entry, not the user in question's.

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I think your "Display UserTracker information on the user information page:" setting should be changed to:

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Ah ha haaaa ha ha. Yeah, that worked. lol

Oh wow. So you don't have to specify the first one as a tracker id and the rest as fieldID's .

I'm going to make a note on the docs page. I've been staring at that forever not knowing why it didn't work for us.

Much thanks.

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While we're on the User Information page: The Send Me A Message tab is blank. Do we need to turn on an additional feature to get a form for that?

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Do you have "User messages" checked under Admin Home -> Messages? The form shows okay on my tab.

Glad I could help on the other - took me a while also!

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Yes, it's on and they can't opt out.

Yes, the other one drove me mental. I'd still like the View extra information link from the user preferences page to be set so it shows the userwho's details the page is about, not the observing viewer. That's just wrong the way it is. You're looking for info on the user, not yourself.

There's all kinds of details on the user detail tracker that you don't need or want from a casual view on the User Info page, and that you may need to modify so it should link to the user's tracker item. Else you have to go to the tracker then search for the user's login or something.

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And now the form is appearing, so it might have been a hiccup.

AH, nope, my bad. That was my own User Information page I was looking at. If you look at your own, there's no form to send yourself a message apparently. the others I've looked at work fine.