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Re: SOLVED: Calendar events listed as AM/PM, not 24 hour format?

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Here's how to use the short time format:
{$cellstart|tiki_short_time} – {$cellend|tiki_short_time}

For the long format:
{$cellstart|tiki_long_time} – {$cellend|tiki_long_time}

I made changes in the project code last month to fix this as well as other spots where the time settings weren't being respected, but these are not yet in the released version (didn't think about that when I answered the first time) - they will appear in version 6.4.

larryg wrote:

The mouse-over display derives from the template file tiki-calendar_box.tpl. This template ignores the user preferences settings for Date and Time. Line 30 includes a hard-coded definition for time display in $H:$M format. Changing that line to:

{$cellstart|tiki_date_format:"%I:%M %p"} – {$cellend|tiki_date_format:"%I:%M %p"}

Results in mouse-over time in 12 hour format with am/pm indicators.

A more elegant method would refer to the Admin General Date/Time preference settings... which unfortunately I do not know how to do.