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Re: Modules inside a div

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Have you tried this when assigning the modules themselves:

  • For each module, set Page Filter so that it is only visible on ))HomePage((.
  • Then in Admin Home > Look & Feel > General Layout set it so that the left and right columns don't appear if there's no module (I think this is the default setting).

Limen wrote:

I'm creating a homepage and I'm trying to have a left column with articles and a right column with modules for other features, but using the tools to create a wiki page I can't get those modules inside the HTML code for the columns.

I can make it look something like what I want with this:
{ARTICLES(max=5,topicId=!5,largefirstimage=y, fullbody=n, sort=publishDate_desc)}{ARTICLES}

But it doesn't work as I want it too and I would like to know how can I have those modules inside a HTML code, or just get the code that those modules are made of to insert it as HTML.