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Re: Help making Plugin Member Payment look good

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If you are familiar with Smarty syntax and are the admin, this can be changed by editing the template (tpl) file tiki-payment-single.tpl. Template files can be edited through the Tiki web interface by doing the following:

  • Go to Admin Home > Look & Feel > Customization (tab) > Editing (section)
  • Check both Tiki Template Viewing and Edit Templates and click Apply
  • In that same section, click on the Edit Templates button that will now be visible
  • Click on the tiki-payment-single.tpl link

I would highly recommend creating a custom theme (which can be a copy of a packaged theme) first if you haven't already. See http://doc.tiki.org/Customizing+Themes for how to do that.

I agree the look of these forms could use some improvement--please consider committing any changes you make that you think would be broadly useful to the project.

KaiiaK wrote:

Im using the Plugin Member Payment and need help to tweak it.

What i would like is
1. to take away the two step process. Right now the user have to press 'continue' then it transform , summarizes, and then you have to press 'Pay Now'.
I would like for it to be finished summarized, and look like a PayPal button right away. Basically dropping the first view.

2. take away some of the over information
Right now it says:
Purchasing Online Project Management Video Class 'Prioritizing' Package 2 of 3 only $94 by Kai Gilb
Status: outstanding
Initial amount: 117.00 USD
Amount remaining: 117.00 USD
Payment request was sent on 2011-06-02 and is due by 2011-07-02.
Pay with Paypal: "Pay Now"

I really just want
Purchasing Online Project Management Video Class 'Prioritizing' Package 2 of 3 only $94 by Kai Gilb
'Pay Now' button.

3. It looks ugly. Is there anyway I can make it look good?
Do I go into the style sheet, or one of the pluginn files.

Advice appreciated.

This is a screen shot of how it looks now. The one on the right is in the second phase (of loosing sales:-)