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Re: Best practice for assigning categories

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jstotz wrote:
So my question is: Is there any reason I should be checking both boxes, or is it correct to check only the lowest sub category for an page?

It really depends on your object model....

  • Are the Department A and Department B categories meant to contain objects? Or are they merely "sections"?
  • Are all items in a subcategory (for example, Policy) also in the parent category? Or is it possible to have a Policy object that is not included in a specific department?

And, just as an idea, you've got a lot of duplication in your category model (for example, every department has a Policy category). Remember, objects can belong to multiple categories.... have you considered having a "flat" category structure (that is, a single Policy category, and then objects for Department A would be tagged both Policy and Department A? This way, a year down the road, if you want to add a new "subcategory" you only need to add it once — as opposed to having to add it to every single department.
Just an idea that may save you some maintenance...


- Rick | My Tiki Blog | My Tiki UserPage

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