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How to have forum postings emailed?

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The documentation explains how to do this - it says to click on the little "eye plus magnifying glass" icon in the topic list. My problem is, I don't have such an icon!

I am very new to Tiki. I am running version 7.1. I have tried several different themes, but none of them show the icon.

I am attaching a partial screen-shot of my forum topic list.

My follow-up question — assuming I can get that working — is there some way to configure that for all users, without logging in as each user?

Thank you.


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Marc Laporte wrote:
Did you activate watches? http://doc.tiki.org/Watch

That was it! When I went through the Features, I did not understand what the "user watches" were. I activated that, and of course my forum watch options are now available.

Thank you!


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As Marc suggested, confirm that you have the feature enabled.

Additionally, you can get emails for a specific thread by enabling the Send me an email when someone replies option when you create a post or reply.


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