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Can't disable entities encoding

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I have an entity conversion problem.
At the start I thought that I had the correct editor settings but after 2 days I have the same problem and can't seem to find the cause..
Problem description :
I am using CKeditor (WYSIWYG).
When I enter Greek characters it automatically converts them to their HTML entities (eg &_sigma_; ...) .
This is a common feature/problem for almost all the tinyMCE like editors that is solved by setting the entity settings to false.
My problem is that at the beginning I had no problem and after I played with the settings it stopped working.
At this point -after many tests- without changing anything it works at some browsers and doesn't at some others o.O (It doesn't seem to be browser related because I have 4 different browsers in 2 PCs...)
I'm guessing that it might be caching problem.

Can anyone tell me what is the setting in tikiwiki that disables entity conversion in the browser?

Thanks in advance :-)

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What version of Tiki?

M ;-)

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