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Features / Usability

tag files in file gallery


im new to this and have 1 question atm.

is it possible to tag files ?

i want to use a file gallery for storing some pdfs and other files which document diffrent stuff.
and want them to be trackable with tags u put on them beforehand.

hope u know what i mean, i didnt find this option anywhere with freetags .. but still hope it can be somehow achieved.

thanks in advance.

hunter238 wrote:
...is it possible to tag files ?...

Hello everyone.
I also need tagging files in file galleries.
Browsing the forum it seems that this question has been posted several times but nobody has answered. It seems a bit strange, since this feature would be absolutely natural... once you have tags you would think that every item should be taggable.
Also the docs say that file galleries themselves are taggable, but I can't find a way to do it.
Anyone can shed some light on the subject?


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