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How to get rid of the Slideshow button!

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I have a strange problem (no snickering, please!). The Slideshow button appears at the bottom of all of my wiki pages even though both Slideshow (jQuery.s5) and Slideshow (jQuery.s5) PDF Export are not checked on the Features>Global Features page.

Does anyone know how I can stop that darned button from displaying? Whenever anyone clicks on it they get an error message saying "Required features: feature_slideshow. If you do not have the privileges to activate these features, ask the site administrator." And of course, that's exactly what I DON'T want to do as I don't want to anyone to use the Slideshow feature!
Thanks a bunch

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Look in the wiki admin panel.

M ;-)

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Yep. It's not checked there either. But it still shows up!
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My apologies, Marc. If I had bothered checking under the Features tab of the Wiki setup I'd have found the setting for Add a Slideshow button on Wiki pages. I only looked on the General Preferences tab.

Problem solved. Thanks for your help — even though it took me an age to actually follow the advice you'd given you were right, of course.