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All sound like good ideas. I like the idea of using new and smaller structures for the site. The large main structure on the Doc site is very slow and has a bug that I haven't been able to recreate on other test sites. For instance, you can see on Wiki+Plugin that the list of plugin pages is not in alphabetical order. That's because moving the pages in the structure no longer works and pages sometimes can't be added either - a new structure for wiki plugins would help fix this.

But with new smaller structures we will again have the problem of a default structure. It's not very elegant, but I think PluginParam could be used as a workaround. For instance, I've put the following syntax at the bottom of Wiki+Plugin

{PARAM(name="structure")} {ELSE}{redirect page="Wiki+Plugin&structure=Tiki+User+Guide"}{PARAM}

Now if someone goes to doc.tiki.org/Wiki+Plugin, PluginParam will see that no structure has been specified and redirect the page so that it opens within the Tiki User Guide structure. If the url already specifies a structure, like doc.tiki.org/Wiki+Plugin&structure=Documentation+TOC, then PluginParam will only add a space to the page and let it open in that structure. (I have caching turned off on that page temporarily to show this working)