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Icons on Forums

I am investigating using the TikiWiki forum feature for a website for which graphics is very important(users may have limited language capability). There will be multiple forums, so I wanted to be able to have an icon or some other image for each forum on the forum list. But in 'Admin Forums' I didn't see any config options for such a graphic. I'm on version 9.1. Any ideas?

If it's just the list, maybe just make a list in a wiki page?

Best regards

M ;-)

Thanks for the suggestion - have you time to explain how to do that, or point me to some doc? I'm new to Tikiwiki, but do have some php/sql exeprience.

Like this

An example of links
[forum1|name of forum1]
 [forum2|name of forum2]
 [forum3|name of forum3]
 [forum4|name of forum4]
 [forum5|name of forum5]

The forum descriptions are wiki parsed, so you can use the forum description to display the icon.

Upload your icons to a file gallery, edit the forum, check the "Show description:" option, and start the forum description with: {img fileId= } inserting the fileId of your icon. The icons will then display under the forum title in the forum list.

Thanks Tom and Marc. Using an image in the description field works well. I've tried creating a wiki page with images and links. That also works, but presumably with that solution I'm replacing the normal forum list page with a wiki page, and thereby losing other information that appears on the forum list. I could get it back with some programming effort, but the image in the description field seems a more straightforward solotion.

Thanks again guys, and I have to say I am impressed with the Tikiwiki software. Pity about the doumentationbiggrin.

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