Hierarchical sql tables

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Hi everyone!

I have a question about sql tables. I ve read documentation, but I know few in php or sql coding so it was not clear.

The idea is to create hierarchical user edited sql tables attached to every wiki page.

So that any user would be able to search for any data from this pages by selecting data from this tables.

Is it possible to implement that by editing plugin source? What code should I add in this case?

Thanx for any help!

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If you want to develop your own custom plugin, you can have a look at the PluginSQL, I guess, and adapt it to suit your needs.

But if you "know few in php or sql coding", you might prefer to create your environment with your data in Trackers (linked or not, each tracker would correspond to one SQL table), and use for instance PluginTrackerFilter in wiki pages to allow your users to "search for any data from this pages by selecting data from this tables"

And your can create your hierarchy through hierarchical user Groups.

Welcome to the Tiki community! smile

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Tnanx Xavi!

While trying to create SQL table I got antother problem. How can I create MySQL table within TIKI WIKI engine? Can I do that by connecting PluginFancyTable to the DSN? Can I render it into MySQL format automatically?

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I think, you are mixing things up.

mySQL is a database on your webserver. You store the data of your website/wiki/groupware in this database, so for example user names, wikipages, permissions, preferences etc. .

There are a few hooks to connect from the Tiki website (HTML frontend) to the mySQL database (LAMPP backend).

The PluginFancytable is a WikiPlugin, that allows you to show text on a wikipage in a more fancy way than with a usual standard table and provides extra features like sortable columns ... still for the text on this wikipage.

What are you looking for exactly?


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Hi Torsten!

Thanks for reply! Ok, I understood that mySQL is essencial for every website. But I want it to be connected to user edited HTML tables on every page. I don't know how complex task that can be .
I found info (wiki docs) on SQL database and different tables (like fancy), but I haven't found anything combining tables (html) and database (mySQL).
If any user edited table info should be stored in DB. As user Xavi said, that I can search for that data from tables with PluginTrackerFilter. But I don't know how to connect that DB with html user edited tables.
Is it possible?


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