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Architecture / Installation

Tiki installer v1.8 (update old database)

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Greating !

I have a 1.7.5 Tiki working properly under /www/tiki/

To avoid destruction and problems, i have installed Tiki 1.8 under www/tiki2/

Till now all is ok :-)

As i get to "tiki-install.php"
I have to choose create database or update.

I guess update is the right choice to preserve my users and preferences. But, before i'll press the red button i would to know if the install process will ask me where is my old database.

If not, i guess i have to move some data from my old "TIKI" folder to my new "TIKI2" folder.

Thanks for your help masters !

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When you run the tiki-install in the 1.8 for the first time you will get asked for the database conenction details.

It would be very wise to duplicate your 1.7.5 database to another database, for example called tiki18

Then connect the tiki2 site to the tiki18 database and follow the upgrade instructions within the installer.

Dont run this upgrade on your live main data without doing a backup first. The upgrade to 1.8 is not as easy as previous versions -> UpgradeTo18