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"No preview available" PluginWebDocViewer



I'm having issues whith "PluginWebDocViewer", I upload as admin a file (.pdf) in the File Gallerie.

Here are the info of the file:

Link to file from a Wiki page: tiki-download_file.php?fileId=5|StandaloneServerConfig.pdf
For image files:
Display full size: img fileId="5"
Display thumbnail that enlarges: img fileId="5" thumb="box"

And now if I want to use "PluginWebDocViewer" I type:

{webdocviewer fileId="5" width="425" height="350"}

But when I refresh my page it says "No preview available", it does work with the the example given in the documentation.

{webdocviewer url="http://www.ntia.doc.gov/legacy/reports/2010/OSTWG_Final_Report_060410.pdf" width="425" height="350"}

What did I do wrong?


If I do:

I get this message:

Failed to load the PDF document

And If I try to open with EI I get:

This file does not start with '%PDF-'

Help pls?


I had a similar problem. I am running Tiki 15LTS. I was unable to solve it with WebDocViewer so I switched to using MediaPlayer. Maybe this is an option for you too.

{mediaplayer fullscreen="true" src="tiki-download_file.php?fileId=230&display=y" type="pdf" width="100%" height="600"}

I hope this helps.


Hello thank you for the answer.

It does work for PDF, but I need to display charts on Excel papers. For the moment i'm taking screenshot of the chart and display the image, but it's bad because the chart won't update if the Excel changes.

If you fond an other solution. At least I cqn displqy PDF :-) thx !

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