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how can I remove "Value will be re-calculated on save. Current value:"?

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Does anyone know which Tiki folders/files at my web host I can find this text to shorten it? Or the best way to remove / shorten it?

Since the site is not in English, I tried a work-around by translating it, but it did not translate.

This takes a lot of space when displaying Tracker items on templates and I'd like to shorten it to:
'Current value:" or to 'current #', or, even eliminate the text.


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quick grep reveals it is in the Math.php file:

$ grep -InER --color --exclude-dir=.svn "Value will be re-calculated"
lib/core/Tracker/Field/Math.php:66:             return tr('Value will be re-calculated on save. Current value: %0', $this->getValue());

Translating workaround should work. Maybe you forgot to clear Tiki cache?


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Hi luci,

I double checked if possible through translation (cleared cache) but didn't want to translate.

No big deal, I found the file, math.php, and changed the phrase to '=' to keep it short and it worked great! Now the wiki page templates for editing tracker items are more space efficient. Now, if I could only get {f$status} and {f$status_input} working, we could switch over to using the templates...

Thanks very much for the help,