Re: Themes and RTL languages

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Hello Jonathan,

Since that things changed for the good in Tiki. :-)
That’s great you are willing to improve and help us to make Tiki better.

Any advice on how I can identify all the rtl languages and ensure they flip to an rtl layout? Also how could I improve the rtl layout if I really wanted to (are we talking css here?)

  • Identify, check language Tiki use at : https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/HEAD/tree/branches/18.x/lang/
  • Improve layout : Actually most of it work comes out from bootstrap from time to time we found that a change of class under rtl direction work better so this is the kind of things you can commit or report to http://dev.tiki.org
    I don’t think we really do (or want) CSS custom anymore it should be handled using Bootstrap. (of course they may be exception)

I am on wiki17.1 (18.1 having failed to upgrade spectacularly today) using Bootstrap

Not sure what "using Bootstrap" mean talking about upgrade.
Please report bugs or issues to http://dev.tiki.org hopefully someone will have a look.

Have a nice day,