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BlogList - #Comments & Last user

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Dear Community

A question to BlogList control ... is it possible to somehow add two columns to the Bloglist table

1. The number of comments present on the blog post
2. The user name of the last person to comment

Many thanks.

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Herr... Are you asking about having forum options to your blog ? :-)

Blog and Comments are different feature and the blog list doesn’t have the option you are looking for.

You can use the forum for such or you should be able using the plugin list or listExecute and dig out the object type and value from https://doc.tiki.org/Unified-Index to create your own list.

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Well yes, I was expecting that as the kind of reply, i.e. go use a forum :-)

Thank you so much for posting an actual reply - I will give it a go.

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This was excellent advice and moved me forward.

  {filter field="blog_id" content="1"}
  {list max="5"}
      {column field="creation_date" label="Date" mode="raw"}
      {column field="title" label="Title" mode="raw"}
      {column field="contributors" label="Author"}
      {column field="comment_count" label="Comments"}
  {sort mode="creation_date_desc"}

  {FORMAT(name="creation_date")}{display name="creation_date" format="date"}{FORMAT}
  {FORMAT(name="title")}{display name="title" format="objectlink"}{FORMAT}

What I am struggling with now is how to go from the Blog object, to its sub comments.

Question - do you have any advice (or links to examples) how to use access child objects in the Format command for a List()?

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I did something similar a few times using the trackers and tracker item comments (+ semantic alias with a wiki page as template) but I’m (almost) not using blog.

I don’t have an instant answer for your case and it require some experimentation (and time).
May be wait a little for someone else comment ?