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Filter Results using Dynamic Items List

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I am attempting to upgrade my site to Tiki 18 and I am running into an issue with searching Tiki tracker results with fields that are using Dynamic Items List types.

Here is the example.

I have an employee tracker setup that lists ID, First Name, Last Name

In a different tracker, I am referencing the employee tracker.
I have an Item Link field that links to the employee tracker ID column, I think have a Dynamic Items List type setup for First Name and Last Name that links to the ID and then displays the either the First or Last Name for the appropriate field.

So everything displays fine in the tracker, but when you filter on First Name or Last Name it is not showing up in the results.

So the tracker will show John Smith but if I search for the last name of Smith in the results, it comes up empty.
However, in reviewing the database entries for this tracker, it looks like it's listing the value as the value for the ID rather than the actual name. So if I filter and search by last name for 150724 it returns the result I was looking for.

Am I setting up the Dynamic Items List type incorrectly?

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I kindly suggest to check if the issue has been reported at https://dev.tiki.org/Wishlist
If yes please post an update here.

If you can’t find a ticket on our wishlist, please open a ticket at https://dev.tiki.org/Make-a-wish and for such case, create an instance and paste the link to the item here. That will be the only way to check if this is reproducible and to have other people looking at it.

posts: 8355 Israel
So I suggest you create one if the exact description of your issue and an instance to reproduce it.