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Display Template Page in Pretty Tracker Display

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Good day folks, I have been working on a way to display files in a page created by tracker submission, each file will have its own page with description of the file/image, source info, attribution info, and copyright info.

I would like our users to be able to select a copyright from a drop down menu or radials, and the selected copyright is displayed on the file image page.
For an example of what I am talking about, Mediawiki has templates that display copyright information, please see on image with copyright information below the image.
You'll see a Creative Commons copyright notice displayed that is a template in Wikipedia.

I currently have one template page created for a test at https://thepatriotwoodwiki.org/CC-BY-SA-4.0.tpl

I would create more copyright pages for insertion to a file image page. And ideally have a drop down selector during tracker item creation to choose the copyright that applies. Then that copyright is displayed.

What tracker feature would I choose that would invoke the copyright to display on the page created?
Thanks for any help.

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Hi John,
I think you could simply check for the value of the dropdown selector field in the template page like:

{if $f_123 eq "0"}
Display Public Domain here
{elseif $f_123 eq "1"}
Display CC-BY-SA here
Display some other license here


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hi John Morris, thanks for sharing....

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Thank you for the feedback gents, I'll give it a try!