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Require Payment to Join

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Hi all,

We need to require receipt of a payment before a guest is allowed to join.

This is because our charity defines "membership" as having paid your membership fee by registering on the website. I have seen others talking about setting their tiki to allow upgrading from "Registered" to "Premium" membership, but that will not work for us.

Firstly, is it already possible to do this?

If not, we were thinking of extending the existing core registration plugin with the existing payments plugin, so that one can enable a "require payment to register" tickbox. Any thoughts?



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... This require deep thinking (no approximation when $ is involved).

At first I would say that the payment validation is a manual operation.
You check paypal and validate manually the confirmation money is arrived in your account.

Once this is done, you have many way to "upgrade" or "create" a user within a specific group. From registration page with keypass (easiest dumb) solution to filtering with a tracker list. Some javascript can be use if you want complicate, but it is important to keep in mind that the process start with a manual validation.

At least for me !
Form experience, I would trust a validation based ONLY on Paypal script response without checking the money arrived (no cancellation, usage of cards with limits - like rechargeable, etc).

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Checking PayPal can clearly be done programmatically.

We are legally required to receive the membership fee before allowing the person to register as a member.

Bernard, could you give me a call some time, please?