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Features / Usability

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Hi all,

Firstly, please forgive the n00b question!

I have been rebuilding the Geek.Zone website using the server URL


I am ready to point the site at http://geek.zone but am not sure how to go about doing that. Could you point me in the right direction, please?



So if I just point geek.zone at the server IP it should just work? I've been to the raw IP and it does render the site properly.
James, do you still need help with this?

I have not fully tested it, however it looks like tiki just runs on whatever is the root at the time, rather than a hardcoded root. I will try to switch our website over tonight and report back!

If anyone were able to help with my other questions, I would be super grateful!


Looks like Geek.Zone is up and running; I need not have worries!

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