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cookies in TikiWiki

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Hello All,
im new here and just setting up a testing page. I tried to avoid cookies for anonymous visitors, consent..., so i activated silent sessions.
Im trying to setup a tiki page https://www.slowbridges.de/18.x/tiki-index.php, and turned silent sessions on to avoid setting cookies for anonymous. anyways 4 cookies are distributed. javascript_enabled, local_tz, PHPSESSIDCV, PHPSESSID. This was reproducable in all cases for javascript_enabled cookie in chromium an firefox.

any ideas why they are set/how to deactivate them?

Thanks in advance

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  • PHPSESSID is set by PHP, not by Tiki.
    You can change the name of PHPSESSID in tiki-admin.php?page=general#contentadmin_general-2
  • PHPSESSIDCV is added by Tiki in tiki-setup_base.php as "extra_validation" against session collisions.
  • local_tz is for local timezone in case dates need to be displayed in the timezone of the viewer.
  • javascript_enabled is Tiki's attempt at figuring out if javascript is enabled, so as to provide HTML/CSS-only fallbacks of stuff which normally requires javascript (menus, etc). It's kind of obsolete because so many new useful things coming from third-party packages don't have any html/css fallbacks. And there is little motivation for customers to finance developping less functional variants of features. So it's not 100% usable with javascript any more.

That's all I know

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Hello Jean-Marc, thanks for the thorough answer. With this hints i ll try to find out, how to avoid distributing the cookies.
And report back in case of success.